Harris County Public 2.0 training

Harris County Public Library has set up a site to train their clients in using web 2.0 technologies.  It is modeled after a site already established by The Public Library of Charlotte & Mecklenburg County for training their staff.  Both look great but I am wondering if Harris County’s has been embraced by their clients.  I imagine the staff training at Charlotte & Mecklenburg was embraced – news of it was likely received as both an opportunity and an obligation – but it would be interesting to know how the public have taken to the one at Harris County Public.  I have sent them an email.


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  1. Grace Lillevig on

    This came in on my feed that shows me mentions of us. Not sure who you emailed, but figured I’d respond. We did a staff 23 Things program beginning in September 2007 – http://ihcpl.blogspot.com/. At the time, we decided to concurrently offer the same topics to our customers through this blog – http://ihcpl2.blogspot.com/. As far as we know, a few customers did the program, however it was no additional work to publish the content for our customers (other than it went on a separate blog).

    Beginning in January 2008, we continued the iHCPL program with The Next Generation – http://ihcplnextgen.blogspot.com/. This is also available for customers, although we just post the same link as our staff use. We figure, if it helps someone then great. It’s no more work at all, other than the initial placing of the link on the site (throughout our new design it’s available from the lower left side of our site. We also did a Teen version in Summer 2008.

    Where it has come into use is several of our branches have taken a module and developed an in person training session for customers based on that (for instance video or photo editing).

    Grace Lillevig
    eBranch Librarian
    Harris County Public Library

    • youthadvocate on

      Thank you for the additional info Grace. As I have just graduated and am looking for work, I thought I would collect information that I may want to implement into my own library at some point. This looks like a great idea and provides a useful framework for launching my own teaching modules on the web 2.0 tools with which I am familiar. Thank you again!

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