Cochrane Library – access opened to the public

The CLA has informed us through their newsletter that the Cochrane Library has opened access to the public.  Unfortunately it is only open until December, 2009.  The Cochrane Library is the gold standard for reviews of clinical trials and it is interesting that they have made it available to the public because of the specialized language used in the reviews.  At the same time, it is good and right that the public should have access to the most authoritative information available.  I wonder though if there might be another version of this made available – i.e., one for the professional and one for the public – like Medline has done with Medline Plus.  I am concerned about mis-understandings.  See the CLA’s article below.

Canadians have Free access The Cochrane Library –The Gold Standard in Health Reviews
The Cochrane Library ( provides all Canadians with one-click access to 3,916 health treatment reviews on all imaginable health topics from childhood asthma, to osteoarthritis, and obesity – the list is endless. The Cochrane Library helps inform Canadians about their health treatment options and we are counting on librarians across the country to help spread the word. The Canadian Cochrane Network and Centre ( is providing training to librarians to learn how to navigate the library (email to inquire about training) and provides PDF flyers to post in your library under The Cochrane Library tab on our website. Help spread the word about The Cochrane Library in your library today. Please help extend the National License beyond December 2009 by filling out our online survey at


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