Mister Pip – best book for 2009!

Lloyd Jones’ takes his reader on a journey into the mind of coming-of-age Matilda, his protagonist and narrator, as she discovers the world of story.  Mister Pip, named after the character in Dickens’ Great Expectations, reveals the benefits of story and story telling.  Set on a war torn island in the south Pacific, Mister Pip takes both the children of the island and the reader into a world of imagination.  Jones is so talented a writer that even the reader is shocked back to ‘reality’ when confronted with the brutal deaths of two principal characters.  This is a must read for anyone interested in story telling and its benefits.  It is also what I think of as my best read of 2009.

Mister Pip by Lloyd Jones, 2008, Toronto:  Random House, ISBN 978-0-676-97928-2.


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