Review sources for DVDs courtesy of PubYac

– Metacritic (movies and TV shows, sometimes including
DVD extras, compilation of popular critics from newpapers and other sources)

– Rotten Tomatoes (movies, popular critics)
– Video Librarian (print and online although
to go through the full online database requires an additional subscription
beyond the standard print, has both popular and scholarly)
– Common Sense Media (Movie and TV
reviews with ratings based on how family friendly the shows are)
– ICv2 (anime reviews and movie/pop culture highlights; free
newsletter highlights new releases on Tuesdays)
– Otaku USA
(anime reviews)
– Anime Review (anime)
– Amazon (popular films and public viewpoints)
– All Movie Blog (popular films)
– Leonard Maltin’s Movie Guides and Blog (this is the new home of his
blog as of 1/1/2010)
– Anime News Network (anime news, highlights, and
– Kung Fu Cinema (kung fu movies)
– Planet Bollywood (bollywood movies)


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