Steven Bell, Associate University Librarian, Temple University, Philadelphia has written the following inspirational article on branding oneself as a professional librarian:

In it Bell discusses “the importance of starting out by first developing a personal understanding of what you believe in and what you value. All your actions and messages must emerge from those core beliefs, and they must be consistent.”  You need “guiding principles shaped by strong internal values” in order to have a clear and consistent message.    He refers to Simon Sinek’s book Start with Why.    “The WHY is simply what you believe and what drives your message. That’s the core, and everything follows from there.”

I found this article extremely thought provoking.  Why do I do the things I do?

I believe everyone should have access to information regardless of age, class, gender, faith, or whatever.  Having access to information is the great leveler – with it people from all walks of life are able to help themselves  be the best they can be.  Access to information enables people to train themselves, whether they have a formal education or not.

I believe the librarian’s role is to facilitate an individual’s ‘independent’ learning.


I believe librarians need to reach out to those who may not independently come to the library.   I suspect there are many people who just don’t realize what the library can do for them.

I am not really sure how these thoughts will translate into branding myself and I’m not really sure we should be “branding” ourselves (human beings are complex), but I think musing over what my core beliefs are with regard to librarianship has been a useful exercise nonetheless.


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