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Strategy and competition: the Porter Report

The Harvard Business School has graciously shared with the internet community the insights of their Institute for Strategy and Competition led by Michael Porter.  Here you can find links to publications and presentations, competition and firm strategy, economic development, and society.  This is a valuable resource that any business student would benefit from reviewing.


Business Datasets that are available for free online

Below is a link to seven free datasets useful for business:

Health Administration Journals (Freely available on the Internet)

I did extensive updating to the subject guide for health administration journals when I was working at the Bronfman Business Library at York University last summer.  As it has been a while since I worked there I thought I should list those journals that are freely available on the web here so I will have a record of them in case the guide is updated again or taken down from the site.  Here is the link to York’s site:   where the databases to which they have subscribed are included in the list.  Please note, this list was originally compiled by Sophie Bury, Business Librarian at York U. and my role was to update it.  Below are the web links:


Free Medical Journals

American Medical News

British Medical News

Canadian Journal of Public Health

Canadian Medical Association Journal

Canadian Institute for Health Information

Health Affairs

Health Care Financing Review

Health Care Management Forum

Health Care Management Review

Healthcare Manager

Health Data Management

Health Law Journal

Health News

Health Promotion International

Health Services Management Research

Hospitals and Health Networks

Hospital Financial Management

Human Resources for Health (WHO)



Journal of Health and Human Services Administration

Milbank Quarterly

Modern Healthcare

New England Journal of Medicine

Canadian Government site for Entrepreneurs

The Canadian Government has launched a site for entrepeneurs that can be found at  It looks like an excellent site for those starting a business, looking for grants and finances, and looking for market research.

Market Research Site NPD.

Below is a market research site for use in conjunction with other research sites.  The Chairman & CEO is Tod Johnson, a life trustee of Carnegie Melon University.  The site provides information on industries as well as products & services.  It is used by companies such as Kodak and Hamilton Beach, among others, for their market research.  At the same time, one should be wary about any information the site may provide on the companies that pay them for their service.   Some of this site is available for free and more in-depth research requires that you become a client.

Doing Business

The following link takes you to the world bank’s site specifically on doing business in a variety of countries.

World Bank allows access to data

The World Bank is now providing free access to their data.  You can find them at:

This is an exceptional resource with information suitable for business but also on a variety of other world issues.  A link to the site map is included on the home page making it easier to see, at a glance, all that is included.  It also includes a search box feature.

Website for Small Business

The government of Canada has just released a new website for small business called the Canada Business Network.  It includes valuable information on accessing loans and grants for starting or expanding a business as well as information on the requirements for opening a business, taxation, financing, etc.  It looks like a useful site and one that every business librarian should be aware of.

A Small Business Guide to Wikis

Mashable has posted this article: as a small business guide to wikis.  They recommend three wiki sites, none of which I have used, but I am familiar with one.  The one I have used is wikispaces and I have found it a wonderful way to organize information that is thematically linked.  I would also recommend it, or another wiki site, highly as a way to keep track of changes in a business or a library or even a business library.

Something else of interest that was linked to the article is WikiTag, a technorati for wikis.   Not only would this be a good place to list your wiki, it would also be a good searching vehicle in addition to searching blogs and web sites.