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An Embarrassment of Mangoes by Ann Vanderhoof (2004)

An Embarrassment of Mangoes: A Caribbean Interlude by Ann Vanderhoof (2004).  Anchor Canada, a Division of Random House.  ISBN #0-385-65955-5.

It was first suggested that I read this book after I returned from a trip to visit a friend in Bequia.  Bequia is a small island in the Eastern Caribbean just off the coast of the larger St. Vincent.  It was an interesting trip but I somehow never got around to reading this book.  Another friend, without realizing that the book had already been recommended and knowing my love for all things food, bought me the book for Christmas, so I decided it was time.

Well, I not only read it, I devoured it!  Vanderhoof’s book is so joyous!  It is a celebration of all things Caribbean!  Part cruiser’s travel guide, part cook book – it discusses with great relish all of the joys of discovering other ways of living.

Vanderhoof and her husband decided to get away from it all so they rented their home in Toronto, delegated the duties associated with their business so the business could run on its own while they were travelling, and sailed away.  They lived an experience many only dream of.

If you are a traveller, a sailor, a foodie, or just an appreciator of cultures that differ from your own, you will enjoy this book.  Vanderhoof discusses the subtle nuances between each island enroute.  She talks about the people, the place, and the food.  She also invites the reader into both the pleasures and the challenges of sailing.  She tells her story with the energy that comes with a first and cherished experience.  It is a must read!


Ontario Archives

The Ontario Archives site includes images. celebrates Black History Month celebrates Black History Month with articles and photos as well as other resources that can be used to either discover your roots or work on your research.

This resource is appropriate for students of all ages including secondary school students and may also be helpful to teachers in planning for even younger age groups.  This resource is also appropriate for research on other Canadian history topics.


Poverty in Canada

The following website is an excellent source for anyone doing research on poverty in Canada.