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Subway Station Library

Subway Station Library

This is a fabulous idea!  A pop-up digital library in a subway station.  Commuters scan QR codes to access books for their commute.


Information Literacy and Eli Pariser’s TED talk

This TED talk by Eli Pariser about “filter bubbles” is a nice way to introduce students to some of the issues around using the internet for research.  It clearly articulates the invisible algorithmic editing that is used to personalize the results of web searches and debunks the myth of the web as providing open access to the world of information.

See additional clips on Andy Burkhardt’s blog.

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Introducing new features.

Facebook and Twitter Best Practices for Libraries

School Library Journal has offered up some great ideas for Facebook and Twitter best practices for libraries.  Many of these are transferable to other libraries as well.  See the link below.

News & Views on E-books …

ALA on Augmented Reality

My great concern with technology has always been for people with literacy difficulties.  Navigating through the internet to find information, identifying authoritative information, and avoiding scams all concern me.  For some, even sending an email can be difficult.

The ALA has posted an article on the use of smart phones and geo- spatial technology and how they can be used in libraries – enabling additional information to be scanned into your phone augmenting the existing information and, with the use of geo-spatial technology and RFID tags, enabling the user to find materials on the shelf.   I am hoping the next step will allow users to listen to the additional information rather than read it on their screen.  This would enable those with reading difficulties to function more effectively in a technological world.  It would be empowering for those with literacy difficulties and it may make them more comfortable in a library – a place traditionally associated with books.  See the ALA’s article linked here:

TPL on YouTube!

Toronto Public Library is now showing brief clips of author interviews on YouTube.  Great idea TPL!

Ideas for Library Website/Catalog Design

… brought to you through Lorcan Dempsey’s weblog at OCLC: I agree that the ability to enter one search and access all potential sources regardless of form is the most user friendly, however, if that’s not possible, the tabs are very clearly organized and easy to follow.

WOW! Content Aware Film

My parents used to say, “Pictures don’t lie”.  Not so any more.

Screencasting and Interactive Tutorials

Meghan Ecclestone of York U. posted the following information about her poster session at the OLA. It may come in handy one day.