My Other Sites

A guide for health administration journals that I worked on extensively for York University can be found here:

I’ve just begun writing for a new blog called Digestive Librarians’ Digest.

Subject guides I’ve created for Sheridan College Library can be found at:

For Sheridan College I have compiled the following guide to locating images for use by arts students or those practicing the arts:

I’ve recently been given the green light to write for the YALSA blog.  My first post is an interview with the executive producer of the Narnia films and author of his own Y/A novel, Perry Moore.  The transcript can be read at:

My second post to the YALSA blog can be found at:

My third and subsequent posts to the YALSA blog can be found at:

Web-based materials I’ve created and/or collaborated on that are useful for libraries include the following:

1)  A pathfinder wiki on Aboriginal Stories for Children which can be found at

2)  A wiki that lists social services for youth in the London, Ontario area.  You can find it at

3)  An earlier blog entitled youthadvocate about Young Adult materials.

4)  A pathfinder wiki on Inuit Materials for Children


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