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Anno’s Alphabet?

Mitsumasa, Anna, Thomas Y. Crowell Company, New York. Anno’s Alphabet? is something quite different.  At first when I read this book, I thought, “Anvil?  What child is going to identify with an anvil?”  But when I slowed down and looked carefully, I began to notice things like the borders (each page is different and intricately drawn), and then the differences in the letters themselves.  I had thought this book was more for art students than children initially, but then I thought about The Little Prince and realized, if Antoine de Saint-Exupéry is correct, children will notice all that the artist has done in this fascinating alphabet book and it will encourage their own creativity.  Mitsumasa’s talent and imagination are outstanding.


On Market Street

Lobel, Arnold, pictures by Anita Lobel.  On Market Street

on market streetI can see how a child might identify with one of the characters in On Market Street like the kite lady or the quilt lady.  I imagine that child might always remember one of these images as being the one they always wanted to look at.  It is magical.