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Falconer, Ian.  Olivia. Atheneum Books for Young Readers.  (2000).  ISBN:  0-689-82953-1.  A Caldecott Honor Book.olivia

Olivia is a hyperactive child who is good at everything she does.  She loves all of the arts – dancing, singing, and painting.  She also wears her mother out.  This story is a day in her life.  It is beautifully illustrated and well thought out.



Wiesner, David. 1991.  Tuesday. Clarion Books.  ISBN-13:  978-0-395-55113-4.  Caldecott Medal Winner.tuesday

Wiesner offers a stunningly illustrated cross between a picture book and a graphic novel.  The pictures (with a small amount of text) tell the story of what happens to the creatures of nature in the night.  It is beautifully illustrated and displays a wonderful imagination.  Like, Sendac’s Where The Wild Things Are it engages the imagination of adult and child alike.

Click, Clack, Moo: Cows that Type

Cronin, Doreen, pictures by Betsy Lewin. Click, Clack, Moo:  Cows that Type. Simon & Schuster Books for Young Readers (2000).  ISBN-13 # 978-0-689-83213-0.  Caldecott Honor clack moo

This is just hilarious.  Poor Farmer Brown.  The farm animals are all ganging up on him.  The cows and the hens withhold milk and eggs until their demands for electric blankets are met.  When Farmer Brown thinks he has negotiated a good deal (using the duck as a neutral party), he also ends up having to meet the demands of the duck – hilarious and fun!

More More More Said the Baby

Williams, Vera B.,  More More More Said the Baby

more more more said the baby is a Caldecott Honor Book and the words that come to mind when I read it are lovely and joyful.  The images in this book are just as colourful as those in Williams’ other book, A Chair for My Mother, one of my favorites.  I like that the book represents a diverse population and celebrates the simple joys of having a baby.  This could be a bonus for new parents who perhaps did not have these types of experiences when they were children and who are learning how to parent.

The Three Little Pigs

I enjoyed all three versions of The Three Little Pigs,   Marshall’s, Scieszka’s, and Wiesner’s.  Wiesner’s was reminiscent of his Tuesday. Marshall’s was charming and it’s illustrations revealed the different personality of each little pig not only by the choice of materials with which to build their homes but also with their clothing.  The reader of Scieszka’s post modern version must know the original story in order to enjoy the text in its entirety.  I think it is also more appropriate for older children.

The Three Little Pigs. By James Marshall, ISBN 0-14-055742-3

three little pigs, marshall

Very charming.  I love how the personality of each little pig is illustrated not only in their choice of materials with which to build their homes but also in their clothing.  A nice light tale.

The Three Little Pigs By David Wiesner.  ISBN-13:  978-0-618-00701-1

three little pigs, weisner

Caldecott Medal winner. – This was creative and beautiful.  The reader is reminded to pick up a copy of Wiesner’s Tuesday.

The True Story of the 3 little pigs! By A. Wolf. As told to Jon Scieszka, illustrated by Lane Smith.  ISBN 0-14-054451-8.

true story of the three little pigs

Having been educated in postmodernism, I really enjoyed this version.  Of course, you would need to know Marshall’s version (or one like it) in order to ‘get’ Scieszka’s version.

The Glorious Flight: … Louis Bleriot

Provensen, Alice and Martin.  1983.  The Glorious Flight:  Across the Channel with Louis Bleriot July 25, 1909 New York:  The Viking Press.  ISBN 0-670-34259-9.  Call # j629.13 PRO  A Caldecott Medal Winner.glorious flight

A very nice story about Luis Bleriot.  I had no idea!  Again, it is a little hard to categorize.  It is a story and a first information book.  I suppose most biographical work could be said to be both.

Snowflake Bentley

Briggs Martin, Jacqueline, illustrated by Mary Azarian.  1998.  Snowflake Bentley Boston:  Houghton Mifflin Company.  ISBN 3 2104 02470426 6.  Call # jP551.57841 BenM.  Caldecott Medal Winner.snowflake bentley

A lovely book about W.A. Bentley, a man who photographed snowflakes.  It shows you how something that might appear silly to some can be quite important.  And it tells you to just stick with it.  For more on W.A. Bentley’s photographs, adults can see

I would categorize this book as both a first information book and a story.