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Light on Snow

Shreve, Anita.  Light on Snow. Little, Brown and Company.light on snow

An excellent read about a father and his daughter.  They have lost the man’s wife and youngest child to an accident and move to another town to start over.  The story opens when they discover an abandoned child in the snow.


Crow Lake

Lawson, Mary.  Crow Lake. Knopf Canada.crow lake

Well written story about four children who lose their parents at a young age and raise themselves.  Focuses on relationships, community, small town, and leaving the small town.


Barfoot, Joan.  Luck. Carroll & Graf Publishers.

LuckThe story of three women who are left after the death of one man.  He is husband to one, employer to two, and lover to one of his employees.  Well written and enjoyable.  Barfoot questions just what Luck is.  She has been compared to Carol Shields (I think for her use of simple words that are difficult to define, such as Luck, Love, Unless, etc.).  Otherwise her writing isn’t quite up to Shields, but, whose is?  Barfoot’s story is a very enjoyable read.