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Facebook and Twitter Best Practices for Libraries

School Library Journal has offered up some great ideas for Facebook and Twitter best practices for libraries.  Many of these are transferable to other libraries as well.  See the link below.


Facebook Guide

Mashable has just produced this guide to facebook applications:

Duke University on Web 2.0 technologies

So often available are librarian rants about the negatives of social software technologies – things like, ‘okay, I know they’re available, but what do I do with them?’ or ‘I just don’t have time for this’.  Duke University’s Paolo Mangiafico, points out the positive aspects of social networks accessible through social software in his article in Duke’s Library Magazine.  He has also introduced me to a new social software tool, Connotea and has provided a list of faculty and librarian blogs available at Duke.  I’ve sent a comment to one blog which discusses a brown bag lunch on using Twitter as a teaching tool and I am hoping they will respond here with their ideas.