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List of Children’s Classics

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Notes on Weston Woods History

Cech, John.  1989. “Weston Woods:  Three Decades of Moving Picture Books” Horn Book, Vol. 65, pp. 589-594.

–          Founded by Mort Schindel

–          Begin producing films in the mid-1950s.

–          Calls himself an ‘edutainer’

–          Wanted his films to serve as a means of drawing children back to books – sending them off to the library – not to toy stores or theme parks.

–          They used money to make films and books as opposed to using films and books to make money.

–          In 1960s Weston Woods got its big break when the first dozen Weston Woods films began their long run on “Captain kangaroo”.  Schindel allowed his films to be shown without a credit line.

–          Schindel does not take liberties with the text

–          he has made 120 films in the past three decades

–          Schindel worked closely with the book’s artist and writer to reproduce on film what they put out in book form.

–          Schindel has won many awards – even though his work does not have its own identifiable style.

–          Gene Deitch, the principal director of animated films for Weston Woods indicates that without his name on them, no one could tell that these all came from the same director – won an Oscar for his film called Munro, based on a book by Jules Feiffer about a 4 year old who is drafted into the army.

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