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Aidan Chambers’ Critical Blueprint

Although intended for Y/A materials, these are excellent questions to ask yourself as you read all materials.

A summary of Aidan Chamber’s Critical Blueprint.

  1. What happened to me as I read?
  2. Which features of this book caused my responses?
  3. What does this book ask of readers if they are to enjoy what it offers?
  4. Why is this book worth my own and teenager’s attention?
  5. Which would be the most appropriate way of introducing this book to the young people I have in mind?
  6. What do I know of the background of this book – about its author, how it came to be written, or the place where it is set, and so on – that might interest the Y/A reader and stimulate their desire to read?
  7. Are there books by the same author, or by other authors, which relate to this one and which the Y/A readers have already read or perhaps ought to read before reading this one? And are there books that follow on from this one?