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ALA on Augmented Reality

My great concern with technology has always been for people with literacy difficulties.  Navigating through the internet to find information, identifying authoritative information, and avoiding scams all concern me.  For some, even sending an email can be difficult.

The ALA has posted an article on the use of smart phones and geo- spatial technology and how they can be used in libraries – enabling additional information to be scanned into your phone augmenting the existing information and, with the use of geo-spatial technology and RFID tags, enabling the user to find materials on the shelf.   I am hoping the next step will allow users to listen to the additional information rather than read it on their screen.  This would enable those with reading difficulties to function more effectively in a technological world.  It would be empowering for those with literacy difficulties and it may make them more comfortable in a library – a place traditionally associated with books.  See the ALA’s article linked here:


McMaster does away with last reference desk!

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Not sure what to make of this.  My own experience on the reference desk suggests that the students do not know where to start when looking for information.  McMaster’s statistics would suggest otherwise.  I wonder if it isn’t possible that reference statistics went down for reasons other than user technical savvy.   Service may not have been what it used to be, or perhaps the marketing of the library itself was not as effective as it had been in the past.  It appears there might be room here for further research.

The idea of embedding librarians in programs or courses is appealing however.

The Future of Libraries

Food for thought.  CNN talks about new technologies and what they mean for the future of libraries.  This articles has interesting information on what other libraries are doing with web 2.0 technologies.