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The Glorious Flight: … Louis Bleriot

Provensen, Alice and Martin.  1983.  The Glorious Flight:  Across the Channel with Louis Bleriot July 25, 1909 New York:  The Viking Press.  ISBN 0-670-34259-9.  Call # j629.13 PRO  A Caldecott Medal Winner.glorious flight

A very nice story about Luis Bleriot.  I had no idea!  Again, it is a little hard to categorize.  It is a story and a first information book.  I suppose most biographical work could be said to be both.


Snowflake Bentley

Briggs Martin, Jacqueline, illustrated by Mary Azarian.  1998.  Snowflake Bentley Boston:  Houghton Mifflin Company.  ISBN 3 2104 02470426 6.  Call # jP551.57841 BenM.  Caldecott Medal Winner.snowflake bentley

A lovely book about W.A. Bentley, a man who photographed snowflakes.  It shows you how something that might appear silly to some can be quite important.  And it tells you to just stick with it.  For more on W.A. Bentley’s photographs, adults can see

I would categorize this book as both a first information book and a story.

Puppy: See How They Grow

Burton, Jane (photographer), 1991.  Puppy:  See how they Grow Canada:  Scholastic Canada Ltd. ISBN 0-590-73805-4.  Call #j636.707Wal.Puppy, see how they grow

A look at the first few weeks of a puppy’s life.

A first information book.

I Love Guinea Pigs

King-Smith, Dick, illustrated by Anita Jeram.  1994.   I Love Guinea Pigs Cambridge: Candlewick Press. ISBN 3 2104 02038102 8. Call # JP636.93234 KIN

I Love Guinea PigsAfter reading this I now want a Guinea Pig. Clearly written – on issues that would interest a young person like, what do they have in common with pigs? And that they like to be held and they talk.

A first information book.  Children, birth to 7 yrs.

Murphy’s Three Homes: A story for children in foster care

Gilman, Jan Levinson, illustrated by Kathy O’Malley.  2009.  Murphy’s Three Homes:  A story for children in foster care. Washington:  Magination Press.  ISBN 13:  978-1-4338-0384-0.  Call # jP Gil.

murphy's three homesThis is an exceptional book.  It clearly articulates the confusion associated with being abandoned and/or uncared for.

A first information book.  Birth to 7 years.

Happy Birth Day!

Harris, Robie H., illustrated by Michael Emberley.  1996.  Happy Birth Day! Cambridge:  Candlewick Press.  ISBN 1-56402-424-5,  Call # jP612.63 Har

Happy Birth DayA lovely story which I think would be appropriate for telling to first born children when the second child is on the way.

A First Information Book.  Ages Birth to 7.

Mom and Dad Don’t Live Together Any More.

Stinson, Kathy,  illustrations by Nancy Lou Reynolds. Mom and Dad Don’t Live Together Any More. 1984.  Scarborough:  Firefly Books Ltd.  ISBN 0-920236-92-8.

Children up to 7 years.  A first information book.

A good story for explaining that children are still loved by both parents after parents separate.

The Red Blanket

Thomas, Eliza, illustrated by Joe Cepeda. The Red Blanket. 2004.  New York:  Scholastic Press.  ISBN 0-439-32253-7.

Children up to age 7.  A first information book.

A nice story for both parents and children about a child from Asia who was adopted by a North American woman.

A Safe Place

Trottier, Maxine, illustrated by Judith Friedman. A Safe Place.  1997.  Morton Grove, Illinois: Albert Whiteman & Company.  ISBN 0-8075-7212-8.  Call # jP TRO

Children up to 7 years.  A first information book.

A very sad but important book about a mother and daughter who find their way to a shelter for abused women.

Going to the Dentist

Going to the Dentist by Fred Rogers, photographs by Jim Judkis. 1989.  New York:  G.P. Putnam’s Sons.  ISBN  0-399-21636-7.  Call # j617.6 ROG

Children up to age 7.

I love Mister Rogers.  He tells me everything I need to know to make a scary first time event not so scary anymore.  Photos are a little dated, but it is still an effective book in helping children deal with their first visit to the dentist.