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Girl with a Pearl Earring

Chevalier, Tracy.  Girl with a Pearl Earring.girl with a pearl earring

A coming of age story about Griet, a young maid and assistant to the artist, Vermeer.  Set in 17th century Holland.  Extremely well written.  Chevalier writes like a semiotician in her description of Vermeer’s paintings and like an artist herself in Griet’s thoughts about art and the artist’s way of seeing.


The Notebook

Sparks, Nicholas.  The Notebook. Grand Central Publishing.the notebook, sparks

A love story classic told through the eyes of an elderly gentleman whose wife has Alzheimers.  A little mushy for my taste but others might enjoy it.

Water for Elephants

Gruen, Sara.  2006.  Water for Elephants.  Toronto:  Harper Collins.  ISBN 978-0-00-639155-5.  335 pgs.  paperback.

Ever wonder what it would be like to run away with the circus?  Sara Gruen tells us in this story about Jacob, a young man who does just that.  It’s the height of the Great Depression and Jacob is just about to write his final exams to become a veterinarian when disaster strikes and he is left homeless.  This adventure/love story is full of interesting characters including one very special elephant.  Told from the perspective of an older Jacob.  Gruen is masterful with the details.

Adult Fiction.